Studio Gift Card Boxes and Holders

Yoga Accessories are the perfect up sell to your plastic studio cards. They will increase your profit, draw attention and protect them from any scratches. Learn more on our online store and get started today!

Get started with the gift card displays and draw attention to your plastic studio cards

Yoga Gift Card Box Displays

These gift card display stands are perfect for drawing attention to your plastic cards and increasing your sales. They come in a large stand which holds 12 boxes or a small stand which holds 6 boxes.

Invest in gift card box displays and start increasing your sales


Made with traditional ribbons and bows, the box holders are prefect for your studio cards

Studio Gift Card Box Holders

These gift card holders come in a variety of different styles and colors. They are creative and unique which makes them very eye appealing. Get started today with the only gift card packaging product on the market!

Variety of styles and ribbons these box holders are perfect for your plastic yoga cards

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