Studio Gift Card Sleeves

Yoga Accessories are the perfect up sell to your plastic studio cards. They will increase your profit, draw attention and protect them from any scratches. Learn more on our online store and get started today!

Start protecting your studio cards with our blank gift card sleeves

Blank Yoga Gift Card Sleeves

Start protecting your plastic yoga cards with our writeable blank gift card sleeves. These blank sleeves are perfect for adding a personalized touch or serving as a gift wrap for your plastic cards.

Order today the blank gift card sleeves



Gift Card Sleeves are perfect for protecting your plastic studio cards

Studio Gift Card Sleeves

Our gift card sleeves are available in either black or white and are preprinted with the text “A Gift For You” in a stylish script font. These envelopes help reduce the wear and tear of your plastic cards by protecting the magnetic strip on the back.

Start protecting your yoga cards with gift card sleeves

Get started with the polka dot gift card sleeves for your plastic studio cards

Polka Dot Yoga Gift Card Sleeves

Our unique polka dot gift card sleeves are available in quantities of 500 and are great for drawing attention to your plastic cards.  These sleeves are pre printed with the text “A Gift For You” in a creative font along with the to, from and amount text.

Draw attention to your plastic studio cards by purchasing the polka dot gift card sleeves


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